Gift giving as part of your Stewardship commitment

When a tailor makes and sells a garment, only one service is performed, that of putting clothes on the body. The same is true of the cobbler making and selling a pair of shoes; the only service in this case is to put shoes on the feet. But when a person makes a gift to another person, of money or some object, a double service is performed. First, the receiver derives a material benefit from the gift. Second, the giver derives a spiritual benefit because this act of generosity would have brought a blessing to his soul. And there can be a third service: if the receiver is filled with humble gratitude, that will be a blessing to the person’s soul. Imagine a society in which no one sold anything but everyone shared freely their skills and wealth. Then every action in that society would bring not only material benefits, but spiritual benefits also. Such societies already exist in miniature; families operate in this way. How wonderful it would be if villages and towns could become like large families. Then Heaven would come down to earth.

St John Chrysostom

Have a blessed New Year and allow your Stewardship to focus on your parish, those in need and the many ministries supported within the Orthodox Church!

About mychristmycare

Guiding the Stewardship Committee, as part of the National Standing Committees of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the United States
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