Saint Barsanuphius & John – Stewardship of our Faith (and our Father Confessor as our guide)!

Christ Is Risen!

A person said “I want to be saved but I do not know the way to salvation.” Brother! Through the Holy Scriptures and through our fathers God has shown us the way to salvation saying “Ask your father, and he will show you; your elders, and they will tell you.” So if you wish not to go astray on the path of salvation, do nothing without asking the spiritual fathers and you will not err, thanks to the grace of God.

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Our focus of Time

bridegroom-e1554807075708.jpgOne who is baptized cuts himself off from all earthly hopes and supports, and lives in this age as if in a desert, not tied to anything. His heart is not on the earth – it is totally in that age. All that is here touches him in passing, so that having a wife, he is as if he had none; buying, he as though possessing nothing. In general, he uses the world as though he did not use it.

During this Lenten season, reflect on Saint Theophan’s words and consider your Stewardship of Time to focus on the Heavenly and not the earthly. For everything on the earth is temporary and will pass away!

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Rich fools

… The Lord tells us that those who sell all their possessions and distribute them to the poor become perfect and complete. In doing so, they lay up treasures for themselves in Heaven. He says that those who follow Him… and aren’t entangled in worldly possessions… accompany their possessions which they send to God. For such a reward, let us all prepare ourselves, learn to pray and discern from our prayers what we should become… for He promises that all things will be added to those who seek God’s kingdom and righteousness.

Saint Cyprian s reflection on Luke 12:16-21

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Gift giving as part of your Stewardship commitment

When a tailor makes and sells a garment, only one service is performed, that of putting clothes on the body. The same is true of the cobbler making and selling a pair of shoes; the only service in this case is to put shoes on the feet. But when a person makes a gift to another person, of money or some object, a double service is performed. First, the receiver derives a material benefit from the gift. Second, the giver derives a spiritual benefit because this act of generosity would have brought a blessing to his soul. And there can be a third service: if the receiver is filled with humble gratitude, that will be a blessing to the person’s soul. Imagine a society in which no one sold anything but everyone shared freely their skills and wealth. Then every action in that society would bring not only material benefits, but spiritual benefits also. Such societies already exist in miniature; families operate in this way. How wonderful it would be if villages and towns could become like large families. Then Heaven would come down to earth.

St John Chrysostom

Have a blessed New Year and allow your Stewardship to focus on your parish, those in need and the many ministries supported within the Orthodox Church!

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Can we give what is part of us?

Why did the man who asked the Lord about eternal life go away sorrowful when he heard that he must sell everything and give it to the poor in order to be saved? For it is one thing to avoid gaining what we want, but it is another thing to give away that which has become a part of us. The former action is like declining food, the latter is like cutting off an arm.

Saint Augustine

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Good works


The one who does good works becomes rich for the sake of God by pleasing Him. He becomes rich in God, attracting His goodwill. He becomes rich from God, Who makes one who is faithful over a few things ruler over many things. He becomes rich toward God, not himself, for he does not consider himself to be the owner, but only a steward and an accountant, whose entire concern consist in satisfying all who come to Him in need. But he fears spending anything special on himself, considering it to be an improper use of the property entrusted to him.

Saint Theophan the Recluse

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Temporal Riches

For what do we gain by acquiring things that we cannot take with us? Why not get the things we can take with us instead – namely wisdom, justice, self-control, courage, understanding, love, kindness to the poor, faith in Christ, freedom from wrath and hospitality? If we possess these things, they will prepare a welcome for us in the land of the humble.

St Athanasios

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